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What Quiet Time Becomes

Day two of being away from home. Yesterday was fun and sunshine and dashing about, today is not.

I slept in this morning, had coffee, then fell asleep again. After my nap, I wandered through the city streets and looked in windows, brushed by strangers, saw unfamiliar sights. There was a stop in a beautiful hotel bar for a cappuccino, and then a bit more walking, and thinking.

I do not think I am a workaholic by choice, but I am certainly one by demands. I rush through my life helter skelter, pell mell, flinging papers over my head in a cartoonish rush to keep up with deadlines. There is a loss in that kind of frenetic life. 

It’s called contemplation.

But here I am now, tired in body, tired in soul, tired in spirit, but my mind has spied me where I was sitting quietly and has pounced on me. (“Aha!” it says, gleefully, “I’ve got her at last!”)

So in with a whoosh like smoke finally allowed up a stopped chimney come thoughts and feelings and complaints and why didn’t I and shouldn’t he have and what next what next what next what next.

I recognize this stage of vacation. It’s the “coming to terms with relaxation” stage. It will last a day or two, and then, imperceptibly at first, I will begin to let go. My mind will quiet down. I’ll take a breath. I’ll look around with different eyes.

Just in time to catch my plane home. 


the deeper
her sexual needs
the darker
the secrets
she keeps

The Cat Café Is Here



Today through Sunday, feline fanciers can enjoy a “cat-achino”—there’s a cat face in the foam—while petting one of sixteen cats at Purina’s pop-up cat café on the Lower East Side:

Photograph by Amy Sussman/Invision for Purina ONE/AP.

I just love this so much.


There is nothing so absolutely bracing for the soul as the frequent turning of one’s back on duties.—Elizabeth von Arnim

Letting go of duties is almost impossible for me. They stick to me like cobwebs, they’re tangled in my hair and clinging to my ankles and they’re between my fingers and in my eyelashes and I think I swallowed one by accident yesterday. Or that could have been a ladybug. Whatever.

But today I am turning my back on duties and having a lovely day in the sunshine with some of my favorite people in the entire world. I hope you have the chance to turn your back on duties very soon, too.

I’ll be back, I think, unless the sheer joy of freedom turns me into a swallow or a butterfly or even just a little flower. If I do turn into something beautiful, and then turn back again, I hope I return with a few feathers behind my ears, or the scent of blossoms on my fingertips. Or maybe my skin will just be the most amazing shade of blue.

Off I go. Happy day!